the draw of the Euro 2020 will be complex

The first posters of Euro-2020 will be determined, Saturday, November 30 in Bucharest, in a draw. This draw will be much more complicated than usual since some chickens are almost already formed. The rules for the draw of Euro-2020, scheduled Saturday, November 30 at 18 hours in Bucharest, Romania, meets sports constraints , diplomatic and geographical, which largely reduce the suspense. The complexity of this draw obviously did not escape Didier Deschamps, the coach of the France team, who describes his settlement as "funny" before adding, not without a smile: "I'll have to gives you the instructions for use. " A user guide, one needs to understand the formula concocted by UEFA: a number of participating teams expanded to 24 against 16 previously and a competition organized for the first time in twelve countries. As Dominique Courdier, co-director of Newstank Football, explains, this time UEFA has decided to rely solely on the Euro qualifiers. The twenty already qualified nations have been divided into four hats, according to their playoff results. We find ourselves with "France, world champion, who is not seeded and Portugal, holding the title of the Euro and winner of the League of Nations, which is in the hat # 3", explains Dominique Courdier. The drawing of lots on November 30 promises to be complex also because of the geographic constraints of this Euro organized in 12 cities in Europe. Indeed, the organizing countries, if they are qualified, are automatically divided into pairs (Denmark and Russia in the same group, Spain and Ireland too, etc.). The organization of the competition on 12 host cities with a guarantee offered to host countries to play at least two matches at home if they qualify.Dominique Courdier, co-director of Newstank Football To this is added the geopolitical context with the Ukraine and Russia who can not be in the same group. A logical precaution on the part of UEFA according to Dominique Courdier: "We would blame UEFA if it did not do so and if there were incidents during a match Ukraine-Russia in St. Petersburg," says the co-director of Newstank Football. Four big pieces can potentially end up on the route of the Blues: England, Germany, Spain and Italy. The French could also inherit Portugal, reigning European champion, who took place in the hat 3, as well as Wales Gareth Bale, present in the hat 4.It is not impossible that there has a new draw after that of November 30.Didier Deschamps, coach of the France teamBecause of the holding of four play-offs in March 2020, the French are not sure to know precisely Saturday night, the identity of all their opponents for this future European Championship. Read also Associated topicsA read on

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